Trudy’s Story



Trudy Kehret-Ward: It was a fascination with stories, especially immigrant stories that led Trudy to join Frew Tibebu in founding the Ethiopian Diaspora Stories Project (EDSP). Trudy is the granddaughter of immigrants. At UC-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, where she taught for 25 years, many of her students’ parents, and sometimes the students themselves, were immigrants. Trudy’s education and teaching have given her skills that will help her guide the EDSP’s programs. She taught a course on marketing for nonprofit organizations, and her Ph.D. in business administration means insisting on sound organizational and financial planning.  Her earlier Ph.D. in English Literature gave her a professional’s tools for the study of story.  Her fascination with Ethiopia began in childhood, listening to stories told by Ethiopian missionaries. Trudy is married to Benjamin N. Ward, an emeritus Professor of Economics at UC-Berkeley. CLICK HERE to Learn More.