Kelsey’s Story

kelsey-mcfaulKelsey McFaul

From her first visit to Ethiopia at 14, Kelsey was both captivated by the singularity of Ethiopia’s history and culture of story-telling, and troubled by stereotypical narratives about “Africans,” foreigners, and immigrants in the public discourse which did not do justice to the narratives she’d heard firsthand. Kelsey has developed a sustained academic pursuit of non-conforming narratives, writing an undergraduate honors thesis on the intersection of myth and personal story in Ethiopian religious experience and receiving a master’s degree in African Studies from Stanford University. She joined EDSP in 2016, excited about the ways its mission can dispel simple narratives about refugees and recast a more capacious and vibrant portrait of immigrants in the United States. Kelsey works in the field, collecting and recording oral histories of Ethiopian-Americans living in northern California. CLICK HERE to Learn More.