About Us

Hello and welcome to our website. We have created this site for the purpose of sharing the stories of the Ethiopian Diaspora, with a focus on those who came in the wake of the 1974 revolution. The site aspires to honor the memories of the dead, the living and their families who sacrificed a great deal in the struggle to bring a more just and equitable society in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Diaspora Stories Project was started by two principals, Dr. Trudy Kehret Ward and Frew Tibebu, who is a member of the Ethiopian Diaspora. Dr. Trudy herself is the granddaughter of European emigrants and is now retired from a career at UC-Berkeley's Haas School of Business, where she taught many emigrants, forming a deep respect and sympathy for the emigrant experience and the contributions made to American communities.

The two were introduced by a common friend, Jane Kurtz, who at the time was a board president for Ethiopia Reads where Frew was also serving as a board member. Trudy's genuine interest in hearing Frew's refugee story led to the idea of forming a non-profit organization to collect, preserve and disseminate similar stories like his.


Board Members

Frew Tibebu

Trudy Kehret-Ward


Seifu Ibssa

Kelsey McFaul
Story Scholars Coordinator

Founders of EDSP